Amazing Augmented Reality at Make In India Campaign at Hannover Messe 2015

This was one of the more impactful Augmented Reality campaigns. Wizcraft pushed the envelope to drive home the message of Make In India 🙂

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One of the best product launch events ever.

A blast from the past, but yet one of the best launch events I have seen.

Nokia roped in Deadmau5 to help launch Nokia Lumia 800 in London.

Specialized Projection Technology and insane graphic design lit up the Millbank tower in London, highlighting product features to enthralled audiences.

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5 Instances of Indoor Projection Mapping at its very best for Product Launches!

As an event planning tool, 3D projection mapping can add a tremendous depth to your event and is one way you can leave your audiences awestruck!

Event planners and event management companies use projection mapping regularly to deliver outstanding innovation and exceptional creativity to their clients to create that WOW factor that all clients seek.

We at Pegasus are always looking to innovate and have also used projection mapping in the past to narrate a story.Most times our inspiration comes from the research we do and what our colleagues within the industry are doing globally.

This post shows you 5 instances of Projection mapping at its very best…

Absolut Vodka 3D Mapping by K-Tone Productions

2.IBM Product Launch

3.Jaguar tour event in China created by Auditoire China

4. Launch of IXM Merge for Invixium.

5.New Balance: Evolution of 996 series

These are just some of the instances where Projection Mapping has been used to launch products. There are many more videos where the envelope for innovation has been pushed to create something phenomenal.

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