Every one is selling most of the time.



Has anyone who is in sales and reading this ever been told, that you cannot have a conversation with someone without wanting to get something out of it.

In a professional capacity, that is what our sales people do, we wouldn’t make any money if we did not sell, however when one gets told this by their personal friends, It would leave them astonished as they were intentionally not trying to sell but just having a normal conversation about a random topic as simple as where to eat or which gaming console to buy.

But if you think about it, anytime you have a conversation with a friend or family member or any one in general, you are indirectly selling.

For example, in figuring out where to go eat with a friend, you suggest a place and talk about the benefits of going there, where as your friend has another suggestion. You push for your suggestion constantly highlighting why it is better to go where you suggest and not the other place, and you manage to convince your friend. You have just made a sale.

The above is just one instance, when you delve deeper into it, you realize more and more the instances where you have had to make a sale.When you talk about political issues with friends or about which team in football is your favorite. Why you like a particular brand of clothing. Why you like to take a certain route to work even though it is longer. Why you want to have a drink for no reason at all.

You are always selling without knowing it, makes us think whether the mindset should change and if all conversations should be considered a sales pitch or all sales pitches should be considered a conversation.

In professional terms and in the spirit of getting things done the latter would make life a lot easier for both parties involved. You will be more receptive towards meeting new people and everyone will always some how see some benefit in hearing another person out, because it is never bad to have an engaging conversation.

Just to state the obvious though, one should be able to add value to the others business, prioritize and time should be respected.

Our team usually takes pride in the fact that they concentrate more on understanding what the client wants and what their objectives are, more than trying to sell their services. The services get sold automatically through an engaging and interactive conversation.

Our receptionist still gets calls asking if we would like to get a website made or would like to promote our  business online, with just typing a few letters in a search engine they would see that both our company websites, www.pegasusevents.in and www.theweddingco.in are fairly prominent across most search engines and social media platforms and it would be more interesting for me to find out how they can add further value to that.

The fact that you read this, means we made a sale.


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