4 Trending Event Tech Tips for Trade Shows

Technology is evolving along with event industry trends, and trade show event professionals and exhibitors need to evolve along with it. Here are 4 trending event technologies that ought to be implemented in your upcoming trade show.

1.3-D PRINTING1413048681_3d-printer

The advancements in this type of printing are astounding and are really changing the world as we know it, from simple toys to artificial organs. They draw in the crowds and produce pieces that keep the buzz and excitement flowing far after the event has ended.

2. DRONES In this Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 photo, a staff member from DJI Technology Co. demonstrates the remote flying with his Phantom 2 Vision+ drone inside his office in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong province. Founded in 2009 by an engineer with a childhood love of radio-controlled model planes, DJI has become the leading supplier in the fast-growing market for civilian drones - possibly the first Chinese brand to achieve No. 1 status in a global consumer product. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

Talk about having a different perspective! There are tons of ways to use drones at trade shows, from photography to small deliveries, and even marketing and participation among attendees. It can also be used to collect data, like viewing where most of attendee traffic and attention is directed towards, and how functional the trade show floor plan is at the venue.


Microblogging is in, and all the better if it’s in real-time. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat offer a live-streaming video broadcast of what’s going on with the addition of streaming commenting from viewers. Because they both rely on Twitter, this can create some interesting engagement surrounding a trade show hashtag.


Becoming more sustainable and reducing paper is a huge plus, but factor in added participation from attendees and your trade show is sure to be a success. Instead of printed itineraries emphasizing activities during and after the tradeshow, factor in reliable event management apps to consolidate all this information, and include a unique and engaging iPad kiosk at check-in. (With or without a selfie badge, your choice!)


Although event apps and technology are great, the event is nothing without the attendee. Do your homework and learn about what would entertain their attention and provide a solution to their needs.

This blog has been inspired by Boomset. Boomset: Easy Check-In + Guest List Manager is an event management app to import and sync multiple guest lists, print name badges or wristbands on-site, and manage multiple sessions at events.


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