What an event specific mobile application can do for you and your business!

Events have come a long way from when they first started and through constant re-invention, there are many things you as a client can do to move with the tide and optimise your business through events. One tool which has emerged as being effective, with helping people take the next step forward, are

One tool which has emerged as being effective, with helping people take the next step forward, are event-specific mobile applications.

From our experience, mobile apps have proven to be successful with helping them strengthen ties with invitees and keeping in touch.

We list down a few of the benefits you as a client can take advantage of from this technology.

Virtual Environment logistics-mobile-apps

With the smartphone revolution, people on the go like access to different information at the tap of a button on their phone. Creating an event-specific mobile application, allows you to create a virtual event environment which people can access on their phones. This helps you build a hype before the event and leading up to it. You can post all event related information to that app which goes out to them as notifications, thus giving them a one-stop access to all they need to know.

Social Media Integration

With the advent of Social Media, the marketplace for all industries has been thrown wide open. With more and more clients and consumers using social media to access information, it is only fitting that companies leverage this advantage to gain maximum benefit out of it. This mobile application allows you to integrate with all social media platforms.  Linking to all social media platforms allows the application to pull out information relevant to your industry and engage attendees in healthy discussion using a platform which your company has created, thus creating brand recall as they do so.

Post Event Platform 10 Small Details That Ensure a Huge Impact at Your Event This is probably the most important feature about a mobile application and perhaps this stage of an event is as important as the event itself. After your event, it provides

After your event, it provides you with a platform to keep in touch with your attendees until the next time you plan an event. A mobile application can be kept active with constant industry and company updates for as long as you need, once you have your event attendees, who are some of your main clients, on it, it gives you a ready platform to keep in touch with them regularly and further the relationship you share with them along with engaging them in healthy conversations and discussions through the year. There is a lot more which can be done through a mobile application and the above-mentioned advantages are just the tip of the iceberg. It is advisable however to have a specialised agency managing content and maintenance of the application so that you can spend quality time engaging your audience in healthy conversations!

Happy Hunting!


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