The cheaper, the better?

A few years back, few in India would have bothered about something called ‘event management’ and there were sufficient reasons for it. People had limited work and precise needs.

Many organizations don’t set aside adequate budgets to make the most impact through an event. They usually are testing the waters or gauging the return on investment generated as they move along.

What is overlooked usually, is that doing the event with restricted budgets and more importantly a restricted thought process, literally spells doom for the impact one is trying to create out of doing an event in the first place. Not to say that having restricted budgets is always under ones control, but a restricted thought process most definitely is. Altering the thought process will allow to make the most of limited resources, by downsizing or getting proper consultation and identifying what is needed and what isn’t.

The Four Seasons Mumbai

India is home to one of the most unorganized and young event management industries in the world with 90% of event vendors being unregistered. It could be fortunate or unfortunate, there is always someone ready to do everything the client asks for, at the price which the client has budgets for.

We agree, it is difficult from a client’s perspective to understand the difference between the various quotes they get, as on paper it all looks the same. Usually it is the value addition by the agency which makes all the difference.

Why You Need To Treat Your Event Staff As Well As Your Attendees

Today we come up with 5 random hypothetical situations, if one considers only the budget before bringing an event agency on board.

1) What if, you need to sit at the registration desk because your event hostesses did not turn up and there is no time to brief anyone else?


First impression is the last impression here, you are the same person who will be discussing business deals with the same attendees.

2) What if, the event is about to start, and as you get on stage and take the first step you hear “creak” and feel the stage shaking as you walk, you quickly want to get off and find the event guy but surprise! The stairs break, as you panic wondering what you should do you see rusted light stands and rusted lights being set-up.

Your event starts with a Key Note address by an industry expert and with the first word that he/she utters there is a loud deafening sound from feedback through the mic, the presentation begins and you want to dim the lights but you have to run to the hotels console because it is not controlled from the console. So you decide to keep the hotel lights shut and control everything from the console, the moment you try to dim the lights then you feel like a swarm of bees has entered the venue because of constant buzzing as you try to dim the light and then there is a blow out because a proper recce was not conducted and amount of power consumption is not calculated.

The average value of your product/company is in Millions INR, what would the above scenario tell the 100’s of potential buyers attending the event in order to learn more about it?

3) What if, you as a client, have to sit at the console when you could be interacting with your guests?It is highly unlikely you would know how to operate the equipment, hence you would need to guide the technician to switch presentation slides as the MD / CEO / Speaker / Guest Speaker / Awards presenter for your company is speaking, what if there is a mistake, and all because the agenda has not been discussed and created by your event manager or a dedicated console manager hasn’t been assigned to manage it on your behalf?

Channel Partner Meet for Hager

Even if the set, lights, sound and AV is top class. It is unfortunately the one mistake which your event is remembered for more than the good things.

4) What if you have entertainment planned, but someone forgot to acquire all the licenses necessary?

We mention this point because we just recently received one such call from a client where belly dancers were confirmed and paid for and they were wondering whether they required licenses for the same.

You definitely do not want your audience or licensing authorities realizing there is a mistake with your paperwork or entertainment being cancelled because the license was not procured.

5) Let’s try something different which may seem small but can create a huge impact. Imagine you are launching a manufacturing facility, everything is set-up and ready to go, you have press members attending along with potential buyers, a symbolic sapling plantation for green manufacturing will be done at the beginning of the agenda.

Your event manager forgets about the plants because they see it more as a décor element and less as to what impact those plants are going to create for your company.


What ends up happening here is that your attendees see your machinery and facility, they do not see you setting an example by professing environment friendly manufacturing practices, which is actually the point behind having the sapling plantation before the facility is inaugurated.

With a live event, there are no retakes or corrections. One small untoward incident can potentially create a huge impact. We are most certainly not professing you hire us, but definitely recommend that you consider the above scenarios before making your decision.  An event takes a lot of consultation and planning and is not just putting together stage, sound, lights and AV.


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