So you have decided you will organize an event…

Social Event Manager v/s Corporate Event Manager

Following up on our recent blog post, you have decided to plan and organize an event ,maybe it’s for educational purposes, brand awareness, networking, or entertainment. Whatever the reason, you don’t have a lot of time to give to the planning process, but you want to appear professional and minimize the time spent managing the finer details.

Planning an event is a process that can be both challenging and time consuming, yet is a very effective way for your business to promote their goods and services. While companies such as Pegasus Events exist to make your life a lot easier and help deliver the perfect event, it is always great to add a personal touch to create that much more of an impact on your attendees.

Some of the challenges faced include selecting a venue, printing and sending out invitations, organizing responses and preparing content to be provided.

Here are a few tips to help make your event, irrespective of the type of event, that much more impactful and effective.

Keeping your attendees in mind whilst planning an event :

Consider your audience when scheduling an event. The date, venue and time are important considerations to make sure your event gets enough attendance.

Two things to consider when you decide to do an event:

What your objective is out of doing the event, and what your attendees would take back from attending

The tips mentioned below will help channelize your efforts and help create a meaningful experience for all parties involved.


Invitations – Adding that personal touch.

Just like during a sales pitch, you get 8 seconds of a persons attention span to create an impact. Your invitation should look professional and to the point.

Here are some tips to sending great online invitations:

  •  It’s important to segment your list in order to invite the people who will give and take maximum benefit out of attending.
  •  Personalize it (include invitee names).
  •  Designing the invitation to make it look crisp and carry your company’s logo is a must for your attendees to know who it is coming from without spending too much time trying to decipher it.
  •  Include the purpose for the invitation, however be ambiguous enough to generate curiosity for the person to attend.
  • Provide clear details about the Venue, Date and Time of the event. Setting up a hotline for RSVP with regards to any information that the guest may need would help that much more.
  • Including a map with driving directions, and in some cases getting pick ups organized would help that extra bit in getting people to attend.


Create touch points which remind people of the event.

While invitations are a must, they are not necessarily enough to get people to the venue. We say sending constant reminders is a thing of the past, as an alternative we recommend various touch points through which attendees and potential attendees can get all the requisite information and more.

  • An event specific website : This is the best tool to list all the details of the event: the general details set aside, the purpose, activities, hyper links to social media websites which your attendees may be members of, special guests, entertainment.
  • An event specific mobile app : We think, although this is an up and coming concept in India still, it is definitely the next big thing for any company organizing an event. It allows you to post event information, helps your attendees connect, helps link to social media platforms which your attendees are a part of, helps you link to industry news and at the same time helps your attendees constantly keep in touch with any updates about your event through push notifications, which work more effectively than a website.
  • If the event is open to the public or you have a lots of followers within your company’s eco system who may not necessarily be invited to the event but would like to follow what your company is doing, consider promoting your event on social networking sites. This just provides you with brownie points which carry a lot of potential to leverage from.
  • Reminders and RSVP calling is a must during the build up to an event.

Use the right tools to gain maximum benefit.

Businesses should value their brand and strive for professionalism when communicating with their customers and prospects. An email saying thank you for attending and inviting feedback go a long way in helping you follow up with the attendee and take you that one step closer to getting business.

Use feedback and criticism to your advantage

Post-event activities can reveal useful information about what worked and how you can improve your next event.

  • Send a timely follow-up communication to include highlights of the event, pictures and overall summary.
  • Ask about areas for improvement in your next event.
  • Do follow up calls with your attendees about whether or not they got what they were looking for from attending your event.

 From pre-event to post-event , a successful event will greatly benefit from using the right tools and partners to help make it successful.


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