5 Ways To Make Awesome Booth Designs

Whenever you attend an exhibition or an industry congress, how often do you wonder what draws you into a particular booth?

Chances are that there is no one particular factor, but that it is a combination of a few different factors.As a company who is exhibiting, it is important to consider a combination of factors which not only help you exhibit effectively but also makes your booth visually appealing, warm and welcoming to attendees.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways to make your booth design impactful and effective.

Stand Out

The first suggestion is a pretty obvious one: STAND OUT! You are in a room with lots of other companies using their booths to try and win over the same business that you are trying to win.

Invixium Intersec 2014 Exhibition Stall Design by Pegasus Events.jpg

So what is the solution? There are loads of items you can integrate within your design to make your booth stand out from the rest.Whether that means using unique lighting, sound, visuals, or a full on custom booth structure, make sure that you don’t get lost in the sea of booths.

The ultimate goal of an eye-catching booth is to tie in your unique design with what your company offers.

Prominently Display Your Name and What You Do

This next one should be fairly obvious too, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be.


We have participated in countless exhibitions, delivering booth design and fabrication services for our clients and know from experience that many a times, name and the type of the company are not readily displayed.


Why would I come to your booth if I don’t know who you are and what you do? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

If you are spending money, time, and resources on the design, setup, and footprint of a booth, make sure it is easy for attendees to see why you are there.


Give Them a Reason to Approach

Since you are surrounded by other booths, it is your job to give attendees a reason to come over to your booth. Whether it’s signage for giveaways, an area for interactive entertainment, or a different incentive program, you need to show attendees why your booth is a must-see while at the conference.

It could be signage for giveaways, an area for an interactive activity, or a different incentive program, you need to show attendees why your booth is a must-see while at the conference.

Having a booth with a salesman or promotional representative is required but you need to be sure that they are not overwhelming attendees with pure sales, the aim is to give the audiences is an experience and a feeler of your product/service.

Make it Easily Accessible

Most large booths have an interactive area that allows attendees to enter the booth area to participate in an activity or learn more about the product or the company.

Although different venues/conferences might allow for a bigger or smaller footprint and have extraneous differing details, you need to make sure that your booth layout allows for attendees to easily enter and exit your booth in a safe, orderly fashion.

Have Something for Attendees to Take Away

Ultimately, you want attendees to remember your booth, why it was important, and possibly bring business to your company in the future. There’s just one small problem: each attendee saw so many booths and talked to so many people that it can be hard to remember each one without a takeaway.

Having a printed paraphernalia themed like your booth (that isn’t just a business card) will give your attendees something to jog their memory and help retain the information that they learned about at your booth.

Be sure to include contact information bold and clear on this take away so that the attendees have a quick and easy way of getting in contact with you after the convention.

We think presentation is everything and everything needs to be considered for a successful Trade Show booth design!


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