Foster Brand Recall With Your Logo

No company has ever, or will ever operate without a business logo to represent it.  Whether it’s branding or marketing, the company logo is essentially the first thing that catches the attention of people – the presence of a logo enables all forms of communication that your brand wants to project to its target audience.

The logo can either be textual, symbolic or illustrated – or even a combination of these three things. There’s obviously no better venue than an event to promote a company’s branding elements; and the logo depicts the values and services of the business visually. Most event planners agree that their clients specifically emphasize on the correct placement and expression of their company’s logo, at their events.

Keeping this in mind, today’s blog post defines how polystyrene and acrylic logos are being adopted vastly into exhibitions, in-store displays and all other types of corporate events.

Polystyrene logos are lightweight and simple to install – they can be hung, mounted or allowed to stand freely.  Since they are available in a variety of finishes – painted, glittered, vinyl or MDF (medium density fibre-board), they give a three dimensional feel to the branding.


Acrylic signages are extremely durable, clear and have the ability to take on a wide spectrum of colors. They are eye catching, which contributes to higher brand recognition. The company logo can be custom fabricated with multi-colored letterings or with different layers of colored acrylic strips.  The greatest advantages derived from acrylic logos are price and versatility.

Successfully branded events motivate your target audience to future action.   How do you want your target audience to view your company? What emotions and feelings should the event logo evoke?  How do you want your audience to interact with your brand before, during and after your event? These factors are not accomplished by simply putting your company name on invitations anymore.


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